Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My useful tweets compilation - December 2010

This article is compilation of useful tweets about Cloud computing and other emerging technologies

# Valid reasons for Hybrid architectures on cloud :http://bit.ly/epXjgY
# Self-Hosting vs Cloud-Hosting Costs : http://bit.ly/hi6Gkx
# Some legal issues to consider while moving to cloud : http://rww.to/gqb7jA
# Virtualization is moving to Cloud - gartner http://rww.to/f5LtOv
# Microsoft is fastracking Dryad to catch up with Hadoop http://zd.net/hMDGRW
# Cloud computing companies to boost M&A in 2011 http://bit.ly/dWHVxv
# Rackspace buys Cloudkick for general SysAdmin level monitoring and reporting http://bit.ly/hTNsRW
# Oracle Cloud office , but why did they wait so long ? http://bit.ly/g3Vvtb
# Cloud is changing the future of outsourcing: 1000 organizations have spoken http://bit.ly/hnQpOl
# Facebook vs twitter social demographics (good one) :http://bit.ly/gUaMAy
# craig on cloud security and project skylab :http://slidesha.re/gxyuGd
# Sandvine report : 20 percent of all U.S. Internet peak data traffic during the hours of 8 -10 p.m was due to Netflix streaming
# Nimbula Cloud OS http://bit.ly/gheCzc
# Past and future of social networking presentation :http://bit.ly/gPIbNK
# Salesforce.com acquires Heroku PAAS for $ 212 million http://bit.ly/ffsn5f
# A smart usecase of social media http://bit.ly/hWIS1k
# Can Twitter Make You Smarter? http://bit.ly/i0fqte
# Welcome Database.com !!! http://bit.ly/eFdphz , but looks little pricey because of oracle i think
# Cloud Computing explained by 10 yr olds http://bit.ly/huMqJA
# AWS introduces new CloudWatch features : http://bit.ly/hDy8BV
# 1 terabit ethernet by 2015 http://zd.net/hPID9G
# Netflix AWS strategy , interview with their Cloud architect : http://bit.ly/dT3Ebr
# Gartner predictions for IT , year 2011 and beyond : http://bit.ly/h67kEw
# AWS is one of the best place against DDOS , Ex : wikileaks http://bit.ly/erblkQ
# Google Building Two More Data Centers : http://bit.ly/hunppM
# Google's attention to detail for performance http://bit.ly/fcBf6n
# MySQL-Memcached or NOSQL Tokyo Tyrant : http://bit.ly/ejPSNe
# Apache Hadoop sort benchmark of 1.03 TB/minute http://bit.ly/gGOO6B
# Some Criteria to consider while evaluating Cloud computing services (article) : http://bit.ly/eJluEs
# VoltDB claims to be 100 times faster than MySQL, 13 times faster than Cassandra, and 45 times faster than Oracle, with near-linear scaling
# Performance vs Security Tradeoffs for web apps http://bit.ly/gfuhBm
# Google wave goes open source in Apache : http://bit.ly/fsRWoM
# FB messages uses Apache HBase Hadoop Database http://on.fb.me/eCaCpu
# MS runs 2,000 Physical servers per headcount. Google runs 10,000 per headcount and aspires for 100,000 http://bit.ly/dEpLqw
# Hyperscaling in megasites like twitter :http://bit.ly/ffmVpb
# Eucalyptus co founder on openstack http://bit.ly/dMH7zy
# Key Questions That Will Be Answered at NET:WORK http://bit.ly/gltIB8
# Future of work NET:WORK http://bit.ly/f2tuv2
# Launching a New Website- Steps to Successful Metrics & Marketing : http://bit.ly/a1RO5l
# Cloud.com supports RHEL 6 :http://bit.ly/avngIi
# Red hat Cloud foundations 101 Whitepaper : http://bit.ly/cHho18
# Best Job in America is Software Architect ( ranked by CNN money) :http://bit.ly/aRcJgE
# The economics of the Cloud from Microsoft http://bit.ly/czxDrO
# Difference between Grid , Cloud and HPC http://bit.ly/d3ArsM
# Private Clouds Fantasy vs Reality http://bit.ly/aWvvhC
# Auto scaling on AWS presentation http://bit.ly/apE4rH

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