Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My useful tweets compilation - January 2011

This article is a compilation of my useful tweets about Cloud computing and other emerging technologies posted on Janury 2011 on twitter

# Twitter = I need to pee. Facebook = I peed! Foursquare = I'm peeing here. Quora = Why am I peeing? [Add Goog=Where do I pee"]
# Latest version of Cassandra database can pack two billion columns into a row http://bit.ly/i9frKn
# Will AWS be the ONE http://bit.ly/hRbdWu
# Mark Shuttleworth on Ubuntu Enterprise cloud and OpenStack http://bit.ly/gYq0eP
# Experts Predict We’ll Be Working in the Cloud by 2020 [STUDY] : http://on.mash.to/fHudBS
# Cloud.li is a cloud-based Twitter search engine that provides you with a list of commonly used keywords and phrases
# Real Profitability series Part2 http://bit.ly/en5tyW
# Real Profitability series Part1 http://bit.ly/gcmHV9
# Microsoft Survey Highlights Cloud Movement Across the US http://bit.ly/h7b6nP
# Amazon enter the Mobile Cloud for Android and iOS http://bit.ly/e1DfU8
# Innovation or patents ? http://tcrn.ch/dGOReG
# Gartner Magic Quadrant on IAAS : Debate continues P3 : http://bit.ly/ieUeGE
# Gartner Magic Quadrant on IAAS : Debate continues P2 : http://bit.ly/igrEM7
# What Factors Justify the Use of Apache Hadoop? http://bit.ly/h8XUb5
# Why Amazon's Android App Store Can Be A Huge Deal http://read.bi/gNSaq2
# Windows Azure Web, Worker, and CGI Roles – How They Work :http://bit.ly/e46xtk
# Ubuntu will see the addition of OpenStack support APIs into the kernel
# GE uses hadoop for Web analytics , Sentiment analysis and Log analysis
# 61 % of large enterprises either using or planning to use IAAS within next 2 years - Yankee group
# VMware might not overtake AWS anytime soon, but looks stronger with Verizon, terremark, savvis, bluelock partnership
# Rackspace and Akamai have entered into a strategic relationship for CDN services
# Gartners magic quadrant for IAAS and web hosting . Why AWS is not in leaders quadrant ? http://bit.ly/eXgOFZ
# How cloud is driving Rackspace http://bit.ly/fCsJnB
# Cloud Hosts and CDNs Are Top Performers for 2010 http://bit.ly/h5fi3b
# AWS improves cloud computing support http://bit.ly/fSVtAs
# Unisys & Rackspace Launch Private Cloud Services : http://bit.ly/gWnKur
# Cloud computing predictions 2011 : http://bit.ly/eR9Ys6

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