Monday, March 14, 2011

My useful tweets compilation - February 2011

My useful tweets compilation contains technology information about cloud , virtualization and other emerging stuff

# Microsoft is now offering 750 free hours of Windows Azure usage (Note: The trial only lasts through June)
# Create Your AWS Stack From a Recipe - Good article by Jeff on CloudFormation :
# Does AWS CloudFormation Eliminate the Need for RightScale completely ? . My opinion "NO".
# PennOlson How India uses the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]
# AWS CloudFormation is free and it uses JSON based configuration files
# AWS CloudFormation and AWS Beanstalk complement each other
# Amazon launches AWS CloudFormation - a template driven AWS deployment tool
# Forrester says Big Data and Cloud Will Merge in 2011
# U.S. Justice Dept & FTC are reportedly examining the new App Store rules with the aim of determining whether they violate antitrust laws
# Kickstarter has helped 5,000 projects get funded
# Kickstarter Crowdfunding now raises $1 million a week in pledges and has hit $35 million pledged overall
# CloudHarmony Benchmark report , bit old but compares lots of cloud service providers
# Apple's new 30% cut subscription rules for iPad and iPhone apps -- SUCKS !!!
# Joyent smart machines Disk IO outperforms AWS EC2 , read the benchmark report here
# UberMedia buys UberTwitter & TweetDeck , this gives them control over 20% of Twitter client traffic
# Now you can run your static website directly from Amazon S3
# Text Message that will Self Destruct In 60 Seconds - > Tiger Text
# Amazon S3 Cloud Stores 262 Billion Objects
# The End of the (Nokia) Raj , good article from OM
# VMware announces free cloud connector to drive hybrid clouds
# AWS Oracle RDS will tap more enterprises and government agencies to mgrate into Cloud
# Cloud friendly US cities
# RackSpace reports Cloud revenues of $31.4mil during the Qtr, up by 83.4% YOY, taking total revenues to $100.7 million
# Rackspace buys Anso labs (contributors of Open Stack compute part)
# OpenStack "Bexar" released
# Select sum( Membase + CouchOne) from NoSQL ; => Couchbase ( 1 rows returned )
# What is data science?
# VMware quietly shows Cloud OS and OpenPaaS at Ruby Conference

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