Saturday, November 26, 2011

Scale new business peaks with Amazon AutoScaling

Attached the Technical Track presentation given by me at AWS Cloud Tour 2011, India , New Delhi on Nov 24th , 2011

Topic: Scale New Business peaks with Amazon Auto Scaling

Presentation video can be found here

Some of the Key points presented were:

  • ·         Server farm utilization and Load traffic patterns of various Online business
  • ·         Load Burst Types: Unpredictable and Predictable
  • ·         Traditional Scaling vs Amazon AutoScaling
  • ·         Introduction to Amazon Auto Scaling
  • ·         Amazon Auto Scaling Architecture and Key concepts
  • ·         How to address Unpredictable bursts with Amazon AutoScaling
  • ·         How to address predictable bursts with Amazon AutoScaling
  • ·         Architecture Tiers - Candidates for Auto Scaling
  • ·         Auto Scaling Benefits : Cost Savings
  • ·         Auto Scaling Benefits : No Lost customers
  • ·         Key Best practices are

o   Log Files , Data Files and Sessions
o   Multiple AZ’s inside a Region
o   EBS Backed AMI’s are faster to launch
o   Multiple Instances Types in an Auto Scaling group
o   Deployment using Puppet
o   Combining Custom Amazon CloudWatch Metrics opens huge possibilities
o   Evaluate Traditional Monitoring

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