Saturday, September 21, 2013

AWS Cost Saving Tip 14: Plan your deletion in Amazon Glacier and avoid cost leakage

Amazon Glacier is designed for use cases where data is retained for months, years, or decades. Deleting data from Amazon Glacier is free if the archive being deleted has been stored for three months or longer. If an archive is deleted within three months of being uploaded, you will be charged an early deletion fee.

Example : In the US East Region, you would be charged a prorated early deletion fee of $0.03 per gigabyte deleted within three months. So if you deleted 1 gigabyte of data 1 month after uploading it, you would be charged a $0.02 early deletion fee. If, instead you deleted 1 gigabyte after 2 months, you would be charged a $0.01 early deletion fee.

Avoid Cost leakage:
Imagine your IT process does not have this important point considered and assume they delete ~10 TB within 3 months every quarter from Amazon Glacier Archives, they are unnecessarily leaking ~2000 USD cost to AWS every quarter. Instead plan your deletion strategy well in advance build your IT process around this Cost constraint and delete items only after 3 months and avoid this unnecessary leakage.
(Note: Storing rarely accessed archives in Amazon Glacier and deleting early is still cheap compared to storing 10 TB in Amazon S3 and paying ~8K USD bill per month.)

To explore Log Analysis and Archive with Amazon S3 and Glacier. Refer this detailed article series.

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