Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cloud, Mobile and Big Data Stories - June-Sep 2012

Interesting Stories(tweets) on Cloud, BigData and Mobile which you may have missed on June - Sep 2012. Collection of my tweets , RT and thoughts from Industry leaders and thinkers.

  1. Big Data in Real-Time at Twitter 
  2. Database sharding 
  3. Real world Scalability 
  4. 20 MySQL Design Tips  #mysql
  5. Pentaho, Cisco Partner on Open Source Big Data Solution #bigdata 
  6. How To Win The #Cloud Wars - Forbes 
  7. Preparing your ecommerce IT infrastructure for Holiday season using AWS  #aws #cloud
  8. Open source in 2012: Bigger and better than ever  #ITBlogs #CloudComputing #Cloud
  9. Vimeo creates new tools to support and pay video makers 
  10. “@YvesMulkers @BigData_ If 'Big Data' Simply Meant Lots of Data, We Would Call It 'Lots of Data' #bigdata 
  11. #Apache sweeps @InfoWorld Bossies 2012! Awards to #Hadoop #Cassandra #Cordova (neĆ© PhoneGap) #Cloudstack & #OpenOffice 
  12. #Cloud computing leaves the hype behind  <See through hype; true clouds are API-driven, offering on-demand resources
  13. 5 ideas to help everyone make the most of #bigdata | Data | GigaOM 
  14. Sharding Apache Solr on AWS  #ec2 @aws #solr
  15. Big Data's Next Target: Brick-And-Mortar Retailers #bigdata 
  16. How to design high availability patterns in cloud - Harish Ganesan (@harish11g), CTO, 8K Miles … @interop_india
  17. Converting Java to Objective-C with Google’s J2ObjC … #mobile
  18. Spanner Google Globally distributed database 
  19. The 1,500-square-mile area of Silicon Valley has seen the greatest wealth creation in history. 
  20. So you’ve created an app; now why hasn’t anyone discovered it? 
  21. Cloud: 7 tips for bootstrapping a (profitable) Internet company 
  22. How Disney built a big data platform on a startup budget  #bigdata
  23. Nice representation of the #BigData ecosystem @Forbes  RT : 
  24. Google’s high-tech goggles used to shoot New York Fashion Week documentary … #undefined via @DigitalTrends
  25. @Newvem Helps AWS Customers to WIN on the AWS Reserved Instance Marketplace 
  26. What can your company do to better capture useful data, both #BigData and small? Find out on #DMRadio 
  27. Big Data: Experts to Follow on Twitter -  - via @techopedia - #BigData #Twitter
  28. Go Mike! RT @voltdb: "Memory is the new disk" - VoltDB's Mike Stonebraker via the NYT  (via @ISTC_BigData)
  29. Apache Solr Shards on Amazon EC2  #Solr #ec2 #cloud #shards
  30. MongoDB and the JVM with @rit at #JavaZone
  31. Who cares about Big Data • The Register #bigdata 
  32. Big data has the potential to revolutionize management. by @amcafee  @harvardbiz #cio #cmo #socbiz
  33. 30% of our workforce are "cloudies," or remote workers. We just added a new remote office in Edinburgh. 
  34. Last night: #EC2 Reserved Instance Marketplace -  - Buy and Sell Reserved Instances!
  35. How To Take Big Data to the Cloud | Hortonworks 
  36. Data Science: What is a 'data scientist'? - FierceBigData …
  37. Figured. Your own screwups always cause biggest problems. RT GoDaddy: Wasn't A Hack, Was Internal Network Issues 
  38. Cloud API and service designers, stop thinking small …
  39. New High IO EC2 Instance Types Needed ?  #ec2 #aws #cloud
  40. Mobile + Cloud computing case  #aws #cloud #mobile
  41. Microsoft Team Shrinks Big Data By Deleting It  #CIO #BigData
  42. By 2016, IT cloud services will account for 16% of #IT revenue in 5 key tech categories.  @IDC #DF12 #CIO
  43. How Enterprises leveraging Mobile + Cloud computing  #aws #cloud #mobile
  44. #Big Data as the Digital Nervous System. …
  45. Startups rush to the cloud - PC Advisor 
  46. 40 Beautiful HTML5-Powered Websites For Your Inspiration 
  47. Cloudera Manager makes it really easy to control your cluster with custom scripts. More details: …
  48. Mobile cloud computing and Enterprises #cloud #mobile
  49. @AWSreInvent - I want to be at reInvent because the cloud changes the IT world I have inhabited for the last 30 years.
  50. #FF Real AWS Experts @esh @garnaat @harish11g @mario_mh @achatzakis @dkoffler cc @jeffbarr #cloudacademy
  51. Big Bets On Big Data - #BigData and #datascience will become the new "hot" discipline for the next generation - 
  52. Right Amazon EC2 Instance Sizing for #HAProxy #ec2 #cloud
  53. HAProxy and Web/App Tier High Availability patterns in AWS #ec2 #haproxy
  54. China's Baidu to invest $1.6bil to set up cloud computing centre 
  55. #BigData Takes Center Stage In The 2012 Presidential Election - Forbes …
  56. Why you should continue working on your bad idea …
  57. How Much Data is Created Every Minute? MUST SEE INFOGRAPHIC showing amount of data being generated every day.
  58. Recent AWS updates -> Architects are happy #cloud . Thanks @raghuramanb
  59. Right Amazon EC2 Instance Sizing for HAProxy #ec2 #cloud
  60. Good to see #bangalore based developer's app ranked No.1 in Education on iOS 
  61. delicious founder launches - (just a tiny post) … via @om
  62. New post on Newvem: Building Applications with DynamoDB: Overview and Best Practices 
  63. Big data becoming a priority Digital Reasoning
  64. What users are saying about open clouds by me (data from IDC) …
  65. #BigData Exploration and Experimentation for Business Insight and #Innovation
  66. HackerNews : Tim Cook memo to Apple employees after jury verdict on Samsung - …
  67. We build products for #sysadmins to run #servers .
  68. Bigger than #BigData: Facebook processes 2.5 Billion content items, 2.7 B Likes, 300M photos, 500+ TB of data every day 
  69. The worst error in strategy is to compete with rivals on the same dimensions. - @michaeleporter
  70. Fidelity to invest $20M in Indian data analytics company @AbsolutData 
  71. Amazon #EC2 Instance type for #HAProxy
  72. Symantec Makes Hadoop Enterprise Ready With Big Data Add-On : #bigdata #symantec
  73. The irony of life is that by the time you’re old enough to know your way around, you’re not going anywhere.
  74. Three Things Every Software Investor Should Know - Forbes 
  75. Cloud Computing: Skytap Intros Cloud Foundry-Based Virtual Private PaaS: Skytap expects to put out bait next wee... 
  76. A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.
  77. Big data meets big boozers: @snooth launches a sommelier algorithm to help you pick the right wine for your meal: 
  78. Fall’s Hottest Fashion Trend: Internet Memes 
  79. Choosing the EC2 Instance Type and AMI Type for HAProxy #AWS #cloud #haproxy
  80. The Surprising Way eBay Used Big Data Analytics to Save Millions #bigdata 
  81. Is #AWS Glacier really 10x more expensive than tape? @ZDNet #cloud
  82. The Top 20 Most Secure Cloud Hosting Companies: Part 1 … #cloud via @cloudtweaks
  83. These #Facebook data statistics can make other #BigData look small …
  84. Facebook is collecting your data — 500 terabytes a day 
  85. A good overview of #Google Compute Engine #IaaS #cloud service 
  86. Know exactly how much your #cloud costs || By department, by account, by cloud, by any "tag" you want
  87. $100m vs. $600m: Open-Source Big Data vs. Proprietary Databases 
  88. #bigdata Google's Mind-Blowing Big Data Tool Grows Open Source Twin - Wired News 
  89. "The best possible time to make a mistake is when it's cheapest to fix it." @jjg at #UXweek, discussing tradeoffs between UX and Agile
  90. Interesting chat: #BigData & monetizing gaming industry ( ) by Kim @CoreAnalytics. Good speaker and writer.
  91. Amazon Announces Amazon Glacier archive storage at $0.01 /Gb #yam
  92. How #Agile helped a #father get his #kid to tidy the room …
  93. Selecting a #private cloud is harder than you think - InfoWorld #Cloud
  94. What Is a Data Scientist (And What Isn't)? 
  95. @newvem: Great Collection of How-to Guides for AWS Cloud - Check them out ..: 
  96. Thanks @jinman for AWS TCO whitepaper, @raghuramanb good extension 
  97. Oracle Makes More Moves To Kill Open Source MySQL … via @techcrunch
  98. Why to #Patent and when not to patent …
  99. Forget the #Cloud: DNA Could Become the New Home for Big Data Storage #bigdata 
  100. big-data explosion is driving a shift away from gut-based decision making [it shouldn't]
  101. "Slow Websites Cost the US Ecommerce Market $504 Billion in 2011" #Ecommerce #WebDesign
  102. "MongoDB and NoSQL" #NoSQL #Database #Java
  103. "NoSql and a Life Without Schema" #Schema #Database #Java
  104. Big Data: Data Quality's Best Friend? Part 2 via @ibmdatamag
  105. Find it interesting that, according to this #cloudcomputing survey, 38% of enterprises already using PaaS: 
  106. RT @CIChuck: How 128 robot arms can do the work of hundreds of Chinese electronics workers 
  107. A rare look inside Facebook’s Oregon data center [photos, video] 
  108. #EC2 how-to: Sign Up for #AWS #Consolidated #Billing …
  109. My short @Neo4j presentation from @JRubyConfEU is online: … Check out Thanks for the great conf!
  110. 54 smart thinkers everyone should follow on Twitter #leadership #socialmedia
  111. How India’s favorite TV show uses data to change the world … via @derrickharris #bigdata #analytics
  112. 15 business theories that will improve your life #management
  113. #Cloud computing changes all rules in banking …
  114. "When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this - you haven't." — Thomas Edison #quote
  115. IBM Beats Oracle, Microsoft With Big Data Leap @InformationWeek #bigdata #cognos mibile app on #iTunes #iod
  116. How mobile data is making us question everything 
  117. Cloud Service Providers Challenge Traditional IT Outsourcing
  118. Four things about PCI Compliance in the Cloud #CloudComputing”
  119. Big Data, 3D printing, #cloud computing will control hype cycle of technologies ... - Times of India 
  120. Your second-in-command can make you or break you as a leader #leadership #management
  121. Europe: Lots of cloud opportunity to tap — Cloud Computing News 
  122. How banks are managing their data: …
  123. Very interesting #Google Prediction API
  124. People And Patterns: Getting Cloud TCO Right - guest post by @jinman at @TechCrunch #AWS 
  125. The Total Cost of (Non) Ownership in the #cloud - presentation: #tco
  126. Who Is Paying For Big Data Projects? #BigData
  127. More than 7 million tweets related to #Olympics games analyzed by @TIBCOSpotfire #Bigdata #analytics
  128. Internet Evolution - Stephen Lawton - Why Private Clouds Aren't Really Private 
  129. HBase Replication: Operational Overview 
  130. ClickZ Talks Big Data with BBDO [Video] #bigdata 
  131. Infographic: Who’s using cloud today? - … #infographic #cloud #technology
  132. The Seven Deadly Sins of Management [good read] #leadership #management
  133. Forget Apple, Forget Facebook: Here's The One Company That Actually Terrifies Google Execs … via @sai
  134. Big Data Projects: 6 Ways To Start Smart
  135. 50 must-read federal #technology blogs (including @CTOVision) via @FedTechMagazine: 
  136. Techmeme: How Big Data Became So Big #bigdata 
  137. Interesting read: Riak CS comparison with #OpenStack Swift and their resp. design choices @koolhead17
  138. Cloud Storage Firm Targets Big Data Firms with StorageGRID 9.0 #bigdata 
  139. What is marketing? #cmo
  140. 10 Totally Unique Ideas for Your Next Blog Post 
  141. Big Data is a big deal for newspapers 
  142. Cloud: Fujitsu puts the cloud into a box 
  143. Has all the small data gone away? Obviously not, but let's face it: #BigData sure is a big deal
  144. #Apache #Hadoop #YARN – Background and an Overview - … #bigdata
  145. PCI Compliance in the Cloud …
  146. How are mHealth companies utilizing the data they collect? @jjacobs22 @zeoceo @halletecco at #mobilizeconf: 
  147. Writing a followup article on scripting @Joyent Zeus/Stingray Appliance API on gathering stats @riverbed #cloud #api 
  148. #AWS and #NASA have published a very cool case study on the many ways that @MarsCuriosity is using the AWS cloud 
  149. Gartner predicts that “Big Data will deliver transformational benefits to enterprises within 2-5 yrs"
  150. VMware acquires Big Data analytics tool Log Insight 
  151. #cassandra12 @adrianco on Economics: 100,000 iops 1GB/sec on new SSD based network. $3.10/hour on AWS SSD. Game changing
  152. The IDC's quarterly numbers show Android leading in market share and shipments
  153. #cassandra12 Netflix logging system is 72 nodes, 250K writes per second with Cassandra
  154. RT @lhazlewood: #Netlix's Priam project (on GitHub) will regularly auto backup an entire #Cassandra cluster to AWS S3! #Cassandra12
  155. #BigData leaders in online retail: 25% higher revenues than peers (10 yr CAGR). How are you growing? Slides: 
  156. The true size of Africa (aka It's much bigger than you think) :: …
  157. Nimbula, MapR want to give Hadoop a home on your private cloud
  158. The Future of #BigData: Good, Bad or Ugly? - #DataScience Central 
  159. Good Read! Wozniak is wrong about cloud computing by @DavidLinthicum @zite
  160. 6 Signs of a Maturing Cloud-Computing Industry @it_ToddNielsen #Cloud #CloudComputing
  161. Hello World in cloud is involve 1 load balancer, 3 web server and 2 database server.
  162. E-Commerce Style Big Data Analytics Meet Brick And Mortar Retailers #bigdata 
  163. AWS launches much awaited Provisioned IOPS and EBS-Optimized Instances #EBS #cloud #in
  164. I now convince #bigdata is bubble. I go fortune teller in Palo Alto, she scan palm into Hadoop cluster and email to me my future.
  165. RT @Xenos_Group 10 Big Predictions About Big Data #ecm #ccm
  166. BSA Study: Strong Cloud Adoption in Emerging Markets - Cloud computing and cloud services are growing exponentially ... 
  167. In devops 80% of battle is know which is cause and which is effect.
  168. If you keep saying things are going to be bad, you have a chance of being a prophet.
  169. 5 Cloud Performance Monitoring Tools #cloudComputing
  170. ♻ Using Apache to Save Data in Redis #Apache #key-valuestore
  171. Start monkeying around - Chaos Monkey released into the wild! …
  172. Netflix open sources cloud-testing Chaos Monkey — Cloud Computing News …
  173. 3 Reasons Your Company Still Hasn’t Moved to the Cloud 
  174. A disruptor in the Android market: the Galaxy S III breaks away from the pack (by @KevinCTofel): 
  175. Twitter blames outage on 'infrastructural double-whammy': 
  176. Albert Einstein didn't speak until age four and read until age seven #leadership #business
  177. Trends In Venture Capital Over The Last 12 Years tale of two markets
  178. Amazon looks to be on track to spend $3B on infrastructure this year. Rackspace market cap is $6B.
  179. #Bigdata big Dilbert it lives in the cloud; it knows what we do! …
  180. Walmart and #Facebook meet to discuss Big Data that's worth big bucks. … #bigdata
  181. What Your CEO Is Reading #business
  182. Swimming in blue oceans requires more mental toughness than physical ability. The enemy is self-doubt. #innovation
  183. Preparing your ecommerce IT infrastructure for Holiday season using AWS #cloud #thanksgiving
  184. Architecting High Availability across AWS Regions #cloud
  185. Amazon ELB timeouts at 60 seconds (kept idle) #elb #cloud
  186. Amazon ELB is not designed for sudden load spikes or Flash traffic #elb #cloud
  187. Amazon ELB can be pre warmed on request basis . To know more about ELB -> #elb #cloud
  188. Part 1: (AZ Series) What is AWS Availability Zone ? #cloud
  189. Part 3: (AZ Series) How AWS Building blocks inherently leverage Availability Zones? #cloud
  190. Part 4: (AZ Series) How Amazon VPC uses Availability zones #cloud
  191. Why we build our platform on HDFS:
  192. Mobile data growth rate to decrease by 2015? Doubtful. 
  193. #Entrepreneur The Next 25 Big Enterprise Startups: If there's one crowd of people who know about hot star...
  194. Exploring Amazon Availability Zones #AZ #availability #cloud
  195. Visit 8KMiles booth @ Building and Securing Applications in the Cloud 2012 | Washington , DC
  196. Interesting: Cassandra on SSD is faster+cheaper than Cassandra with memcached (on AWS), according to Netflix …
  197. Exploring Amazon Availability Zones #AZ #availability #cloud
  198. @cloud_comp_news Overcoming Outages in AWS : High Availability Architecture Patterns #cloud
  199. Understanding HBase and Big Table | Architects Zone | @scoopit 
  200. Configuring HBase Memstore: What You Should Know | @scoopit via @sematext 
  201. ‘Lucky’ to Launch Pinterest-Like Aggregator for Style Content 
  202. #cloud computing expected to grow rapidly in health care - American Medical News 
  203. Dissecting Amazon ELB : 18 things you should know #ELB #cloud
  204. “Relational Mapping with MongoDB, Ming, and Python” 
  205. Study: almost 60% shoppers said they expect the retail experience to extend across physical & digital channels by 2014: 
  206. Hyper-V vs. VMware vSphere – Storage @zite
  207. OpenStack faces the terrible twos - GigaOM
  208. Big Data explained in 10 movies" via #BigData #bigdata 
  209. Data centers aren’t the answer to Reno’s woes 
  210. $82 bn will be the worth of indian #smartphones market by 2014#:Cybermedia research @telecoupdates
  211. How Mobile, Social Will Win the 2012 Olympics [INFOGRAPHIC] 
  212. Big data and the changing economics of privacy … #bigdata #privacy #WorthReading
  213. We've been talking a lot about Big Data. Here's how Yahoo's using it to get you to click on ads. 
  214. Why SOA and Cloud Computing are Linked Concepts …
  215. Cloud Outages Show CIOs Still at Vendors' Mercy - The CIO Report - WSJ 
  216. Part 8: Architecting High Availability in AWS Series :Multiple cloud providers #cloud #HA
  217. Part 7: Architecting High Availability in AWS Series :Multi Region Architecture #cloud #HA
  218. James Urquhart, Structure, DevOps, and Google Compute Engine 
  219. Thanks @stuclark , i hope my blog was useful.
  220. Great slides on infrastructure as code and testing of infra code … #puppet #chef #cfengine
  221. On being CTO at Hortonworks: …
  222. RT @gigaom: The enterprise needs a better network to the cloud 
  223. RT @gigaom: The state of Hadoop: still a work in progress (by @derrickharris): 
  224. Part 6: Architecting High Availability in AWS Series :Using AWS Building blocks #cloud #HA #in
  225. Part 5: Architecting High Availability in AWS Series :Multiple Availability zones #cloud #HA #in
  226. Part 4: Architecting High Availability in AWS Series :Database Tier #cloud #HA #in
  227. Overcoming AWS Outages : High Availability Architecture Patterns #cloud #outage
  228. hadoop relationship infographic from @datameer : … #in
  229. Part 3: Architecting High Availability in AWS Series :DNS/ Load Balancing Tier considerations #cloud #HA #in
  230. Part 2: Architecting High Availability in AWS Series :Web App Tier considerations #cloud #HA #in
  231. Great article on big data myths 
  232. IDC 19% APAC-retailers-are-evaluating-cloud-adoption, #in, #cloud, …
  233. Learn now about a new #free monitoring service for cloud and enterprise servers. 
  234. High Availability Architecture Patterns for Overcoming AWS Outages #cloud #HA #architecture
  235. High Availability Architecture Patterns for Overcoming AWS Outages #cloud #HA #architecture
  236. Netflix open sources Asgard cloud deployment smarts 
  237. Overcoming Outages in AWS : High Availability Architectures #cloud #outage
  238. #MongoNYC video: Real Time Data Analytics; Pre-Aggregation with Counters 
  239. Presenting “In-Memory #BigData Processing on the JVM”, Frontier ... 
  240. Cloud Computing Simplified 
  241. "Connecting Redis to ElasticSearch For Custom Scoring With Nativescripts" #Redis #SolrLucene #NativeScripts
  242. "Welcome to OpenStack - An Introduction" #OtherLanguages #OpenSource
  243. What's the optimal deployment model for big data? A @jameskobielus quick hit:
  244. Cloud Technology And Small Business …
  245. Cloud: Cloud outage report of 13 providers reveals downtime costs 
  246. Crowdsourced analytics to alert customers to system events before they happen #bigdata #hadoop 
  247. We build tools for IT professionals to manage #AWS .
  248. "#Hadoop 2.0: More than MapReduce" ( ) JK--Good overview of some key announcements at recent #HadoopSummit
  249. Why Tech-Savvy CMOs Will Be Powerful Figures By 2017 | Fast Company - 
  250. Sears Uses Big Data to Get a Handle on Pricing - The CIO Report
  251. #Equinixing to meet growing Asian #cloud demand 
  252. Slides from my presentation at Hadoop Summit …
  253. Read this headline: Zookeeper killed by #wolves in #Sweden. reaction: Wait, Apache Wolves is a new project?
  254. Predictive Analytics: The Perfect Use Case for Cloud Computing - Forbes: Another survey of 1,364... #BI #TCN
  255. #HBase Write Path …
  256. check out Marten Mickos' slides from his "Clouds are all about APIs" talk #cloud
  257. how #RightScale architects its own databases for worldwide scale, HA and DR scenarios. Check out the deck: 
  258. Big Data Clouds the idea of Building Low Resiliency Data Centers #cloud #in
  259. How to stuff 4,300,000,000 networks into your datacenter:
  260. Ex-Facebookers launch MemSQL to make your database fly
  261. Learn how #HBase provides random access low-latency read & writes. @jxcn01 explains the #HBase write path:
  262. AWS internal load balancing use case … #aws #cloud
  263. new compaction strategy for the #Cassandra File System to improve analytic performance … #hadoop
  264. 10 innovators changing the game for Internet infrastructure
  265. MongoDB presentation from @WindyCityDB #nosql #mongodb
  266. Interesting Infographic Mobile Cloud Computing #cloud #in #infographic
  267. Big Data: Yahoo And Hadoop: In It For The Long Term 
  268. Big Data: Managing Big Data for the Greater Good #info360 
  269. #RabbitMQ Gets a "Nice Little" Upgrade #vFabric #VMware #SpringSource
  270. #Cloud #Blogs 5 Ways Cloud Computing Is Like Open Source: A decade ago, most IT departments denounced open-...
  271. ​Scaling in the Cloud – Part 1: Distributing the load 
  272. PayPal Sees Need for Both RDBMS, Hadoop #hadoop
  273. Is the resistance to cloud-based systems by the IT dept more about protecting the company or protecting their jobs? 
  274. [NEW] Amazon EMR now supports HBase: #awsdocs #hbase #AWS
  275. Hadoop, the elephant in the enterprise #hadoop
  276. Hadoop at eBay is available on slideshare - #hadoop
  277. #hadoopsummit Hadoop at eBay is available on slideshare - 
  278. BT Addresses Big Data and Security Challenges With New Visualization Service #BigData #bigdata 
  279. Cloud: With NASA on Amazon Will OpenStack Get Liftoff | Cloudline | Wiredcom 
  280. RT @techmilind: #hadoopsummit in 2008, 200 attendees. 25% of them were yahoos. Today there are 2200 attendees. 25% of them are ex-yahoos.
  281. How Facebook keeps 100 petabytes of Hadoop data online #in
  282. "71% of CMOs unprepared for big data" (oops) -- CMO Study Highlights IT and Data Concerns … #bigdata #in
  283. Oracle may launch its own PaaS offering | Cloud Computing - InfoWorld: #paas #in
  284. Big data meets big wind #bigdata
  285. How Google and Microsoft are embracing graphs for the next generation of search: … #nosql #in
  286. Amazon Web Services Blog: Lots of SAP News to Start the Week … #in #aws
  287. Symantec to Deliver Disaster Recovery as a Service on Windows Azure - PRWire: Symantec to Del... #cloud #TCN
  288. Big Data: Datameer Brings Hadoop To The Desktop 
  289. Announcing IAM roles for secure access to #AWS service APIs from EC2 instances: fully supported by #AWS
  290. NASA Saves nearly $1M Per Year By Using AWS: Linda Cureton, the CIO of N... #aws #in
  291. The Most Annoying, Pretentious And Useless Business Jargon 
  292. Unlocking Big-Data & Reaping Data Equity #bigdata
  293. How to work with #VMware #vCloud to build your #cloud - helpful presentation by @ccolotti: 
  294. Just announced at WWDC: Over 650K apps in Apple app store. 30 billion downloads.
  295. New #IBM JK blogpost: "Next Best Action in Real Time: The True Test of Big Data" ( )
  296. If you are not wake up of Nagios minimum 2 time per week, your technology is not sufficient cutting-edge.
  297. 5% of devops are have infrastructure as code. Rest of 95% are have infrastructure as PowerPoint.
  298. How 'systems thinking' is making the cloud transparent 
  299. Microsoft Moves to Level the Cloud Platform Playing Field #Forrester Blogs #cloud
  300. Internal Load Balancing in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud #cloud #in
  301. 9 Open Source Big Data Technologies to Watch #Bigdata #oss
  302. Howto easily deploy and configure a #MySQL server #sysadmin
  303. cloud is a state of the business, not just IT #in
  304. In startup is make or break time when CEO is want of install Big Data on laptop.
  305. This the next wave of innovation -> How Google's OpenFlow backbone works 
  306. Data Science: How to hire & keep a data scientist - Shady Acres …
  307. CloudAve: Forecast 2012–Enterprise Cloud Best Practices Panel: #blogs
  308. Why ‘The New Yorker’ Is Now Embracing the Web 
  309. Free Whitepaper! 7 Habits of Highly Effective Private #Cloud Architects 
  310. Kickstarter: How crowdsourcing went mainstream #in
  311. 10 ways companies are using #Hadoop (for more than ads) #BigData
  312. Seven Cloud Computing Trends (Part 2) 
  313. #bigdata alert: Teradata a big player in big data - Dayton Daily News 
  314. Microsoft Outlines Massive Azure Additons #Cloud
  315. Presentation: Thanks to HTML5, the Web is FUN Again! - @DZone Big Link by egenesky
  316. Really BigData!! PetaByte of Data every second #bigdata
  317. HPs converged cloud to burst to Amazon and Savvis. 
  318. Facebook flop won't stop cloud computing IPOs | FP Tech Desk | Financial Post 
  319. Asking the right questions can ensure cloud computing data security 
  320. The cloud will cost you, but you’ll be happy to pay #cloud
  321. Scalability is not a "feature" tacked on at the end development.
  322. Citrix Buys Bytemobile for Cloud-Optimized Mobile Networks #cloudComputing
  323. Bangalore-Based Bank Chooses IBM Cloud for Core Banking Solutions - Press Trust: This solution... #Analytics
  324. @WindowsAzure #DevCamp #Chennai – 21 June 2012 #Cloud 
  325. CloudAve: Microsoft Does It Right And Oracle Claims They Are Right: #blogs
  326. Amazon Web Services Blog » Amazon CloudFront - More PoPs and More Growth #Cloud
  327. #Azure #Cloud Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Updated Today With All-SSD Storage ...: Leading up to a press confer... 
  328. What is innovation? my guest blog at Technology Academy Finland
  329. Now scale automatically and reduce cost intelligently as well. #AutoScaling + Spot Instances: #in
  330. Inside Facebook's Open Graph #in
  331. Can anyone catch Amazon's cloud, margin & competitive analysis. #in
  332. Every thing is 10x in cloud. Especially I/O latency.
  333. 1 million monkey hit random key for 1 million year can able generate Hamlet but not internal Wiki documentation.
  334. @DEVOPS_BORAT : Oracle Cloud is combine best of both world: cheap of Oracle Enterprise DB and simple of J2EE.”
  335. Big data meets big fashion: @kheussner takes a look at @custora: #bigdata
  336. Twitter open sources Zipkin for distributed system tracing:
  337. "Disk is the new tape" an overview of SQLFire in-memory database
  338. How Facebook plans to deconstruct the data center :
  339. Is OpenStack the new Linux? | Cloud Computing - InfoWorld #cloud #openstack
  340. Learn more about graph databases…new book - Neo4j in Action, available via … #in
  341. BBC News - IPv6: Trillions of new net addresses now possible
  342. . @larryellison - 4 yrs back: cloud is non-sense. 2 yrs back: cloud-in-a-box. today: oracle's 100+ #cloud apps as the 1st tweet. #reality
  343. The brains behind Hive launch on-demand Hadoop service #hadoop #in
  344. Cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) Getting Hot #in
  345. Chevron explores the use of open source #Hadoop to reduce costs. - The CIO Report - WSJ #bigdata
  346. Data Modeling: Sample E-Commerce System with NoSQL-MongoDB:
  347. My answer to: Why doesn't Amazon EC2 charge based on actual CPU usage rather than instance hours? @Quora
  348. Facebook Will Disappear by 2020, Says Analyst - 
  349. #DataScientist is very geeky and a pedantic term for #BigData. #DataArtisans is probably the right term!
  350. crowdsourced Google Map Plots 'Mad Men' Hot Spots - 

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